Size : 591.402 Kb
Type : unknown


This EVP - to me- is saying "Hey...Jessie."  My name is Jessie.

I had just said my closing Prayer of Protection to St. Michael, then I got into my car and proceeded to drive out of the cemetery entrance.

So, this EVP was collected as I was in my car almost to the street.

It is my favorite EVP to date. When I got home I hooked my recorder up the Audacity program.

It really caught me off guard, but I hear that it is quite common to have one's name spoken in EVPs.



Size : 2412.852 Kb
Type : unknown


 In the EVP #2 the first voice you can hear is me. I am looking for my phone charger, so I said outloud. "Now where's the charger?..."

The next voice you can hear is a EVP of a man's voice saying-as "It's lost now....'" (then there is a garbled EVP). I cannot make out what the rest of the statement was.

A few  seconds later, in the same recording, there are a few other EVPs I will explain next.




Size : 681.922 Kb
Type : unknown

This EVP is  pretty grainy, but, what I can hear is a "That'll be spooky." Then I hear- ever so quietly, almost interrupting  "Get Out!!"

The EVP voice saying 'That'll Be Spooky", is to me being sarcastic because I was enthusiastic about being there.

The voice of the man in the EVP sounds very deep.


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